Internet Applications

AAEC Website Association of American Editorial Cartoonists
dePIXion studios designed and developed this dynamic site. The site features daily editorial cartoons, cartoonists profiles, cartooning news in the public area, as well as complete membership management in the member area. The application was built in Coldfusion, and uses a MySQL database backend. Cartoonists can maintain their own profiles, and upload or email in their high-resolution cartoon files. Automated image handling archives their cartoon files, and makes a low-res copy for the website. Editors, publishers, teachers and the general public can search and browse cartoons, find a speaker and much more.
Cottonwood Connection Website Cottonwood Connection
dePIXion studios and Northstar Solutions partnered to design and develop this unique singles site. Cottonwood Connection provides opportunities for members to connect both online and offline. The website provides online registration and payment for memberships. User-friendly tools allow member profile creation, photo and video uploads, profile search and browse... and much more. We also built robust administrative tools to allow Cottonwood staff to keep track of membership, arrange for "admirers" to meet people they have found online, schedule events, etc. Click the image on the left to see the site for yourself!

StorageTek Sales Skills Website

StorageTek Sales Skills Inventory
dePIXion studios and Imagent Business Solutions partnered to design and develop this database-driven survey/inventory of product knowledge and sales skills. Online content consists of 20+ quizzes and questionnaires and corresponding real-time interactive management reporting. The audience is StorageTek's worldwide sales force and sales managers. dePIXion was the technical lead on this project which uses Active Server Pages (ASP), VBScript, Javascript, and HTML.
Online Calendars Classified Ads - Job Listings
-Evergreen Chamber of Commerce
-Arapahoe Bank and Trust
-Colonial Banks of Colorado

We have partnered with Northstar Solutions to create interactive Job Listings using Active Server Pages. This technology is easily extendable to many interactive web applications, such as event scheduling, photo classifieds, etc. Website E-Commerce & Online Polling
Our site uses PHP and a MySQL database to provide instant online polling, e-cards and a small online store for Mike Keefe's cartoons.

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