Computer & Web-Based Training

Web-Based Training

Training Software for Denver's RTD

Denver's Regional Transportation District - UniVerse Training
dePIXion studios partnered with Aperture Art to develop this multimedia training for Denver's RTD. The project was developed using Macromedia Director, and is delivered to students via Shockwave on RTD's intranet.

SunPhone Training Software for Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems - SunPhone Training
dePIXion studios worked with Aperture Art to develop multimedia training for Sun Microsystems. The software teaches tech support personnel to use the computer-based phone system. The project was developed using Macromedia Flash, and is delivered to students on Sun's intranet.

Online Training for

MShow - Online Leader Training software allows organizations to deliver live presentations over the web to a worldwide audience.

MShow's Online Leader Training provides interactive instruction in how to develop and lead a live MShow presentation.

dePIXion studios used Javascript and DHTML to develop this interactive online training.

Manager's Resource Training for StorageTek

StorageTek Managers' Resource
The Managers' Resource is an online reference and training site for STK's worldwide management personnel.

This site allows rapid dissemination of new policies and procedures to existing managers, and facilitates quick certification of new managers. The courseware interfaces with STK's training database as users enroll in the courses, and complete the self-checks.

dePIXion studios participated in the development of this site, developing approximately half of the modules; and maintained the content for three years.

Technologies/Tools include Macromedia Authorware. HTML, and Javascript.

Product Training for StorageTek

StorageTek Product Training
dePIXion studios was technical lead and developer for StorageTek's web-based StorageNet Product Training.

The website resides on StorageTek's intranet, providing training and reference for an international sales force. The training is also delivered via CD-ROM to StorageTek's Partners.

The training was developed with Macromedia Dreamweaver and Coursebuilder and employs Javascript, DHTML, and Active Server Pages to provide a dynamic learning environment, as well as student testing, scoring and tracking.

CD-ROM Based Training & Productivity Tools

Underwriting Tool for ING

ING Re-Insurance - Underwriter's Toolkit
dePIXion studios worked as a subcontractor to X-Media Incorporated in developing the Underwriter's Toolkit for ING Re-Insurance (a division of Security Life.)

The toolkit is a multimedia reference and productivity tool for insurance underwriters. It provides access to a large database of medical and other underwriting information, and provides an electronic case development tool for underwriting a life insurance policy.

We used Macromedia Director, Lingo, and the V12 Database Xtra to develop the toolkit.

Training Software for US West Facilities Assignment and Control System (FACS) Training
Developed for US West in collaboration with Tabor Visual Media. This Authorware-based Training provides extensive use of animation, music, and voice-over to deliver user-friendly training to a non-technical audience. The animated dog mascot, "The Coach," provides entertaining tips and guidance throughout the training.


Training Software for Exabyte

Exabyte -- Strategex Training
Developed for Exabyte Corporation in partnership with Imagent Business Solutions, this CD-ROM based training provides educational and sales information on selecting and configuring Exabyte's tape drives.

The audience includes Corporate Network Systems Engineers and Exabyte's network of resellers.

The training was developed with Macromedia Authorware.

Training Software for Lucent Technologies

Lucent Technologies - BCMS Training
Developed for Lucent Technologies, this Director-based training provides extensive use of music, voice-over, and software simulation to train Call Center Managers in the use of the BCMS VU software.

As subcontractor to Tabor Visual Media, dePIXion studios provided complete software production in Macromedia Director. The training makes extensive use of lingo scripting to create realistic screen-simulations of the software.

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